Music Studies (MUS)

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Carnatic Music is the traditional and oldest music of India. It has been spread all over India and practiced deeply in South India., Tamilnadu , Telengana and Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. It is a sub-genres of Classical Music of India. Srithi, Swara, Raga and Laya (SSRL) are the key elements of the great carnatic music.

It has got many divisions under one roof. Singing with 4 events are called Vocal, bringing the above elements through instruments like Violin, Veena etc., is Solo Instrumental Carnatic music and the Tala instrument ‘Mridangam’ for Laya will be accompanied along with the other Laya instruments Morsing and Kanjira to enhance the excellent music of the the instrument player or vocalist (singer). Music is one of the major performances in major cultural events and festivals of our country.

Carnatic Music is known for the melodious feeling it gives to the audience. Carnatic musical can be performed either just musical or also musical dramatic. Carnatic Music is the major part of the Indian Cultural Dances. Most of the Indian Classical Dances can be performed with the help of Carnatic Music only.

Carnatic Music is considered as one of the symbols of our culture and tradition. People respect musicians who are well versed in Carnatic. Carnatic Music is still performed in cultural festivals and big events of our country and “Music Season” (Largest Cultural Event in the world) is conducted in this place. Chennai (located in Tamil Nadu) is known as the Locus for Carnatic Music. The artists who perform Carnatic Music should be well experienced and qualified since Carnatic Music cannot be sung so easily and perfectly by normal people. It can be taught through learned people who is well versed in Carnatic vocal and instrumental through online or offline classes. This is what our SAMAS ACADEMY is doing through Online Courses for the students from India and Abroad to make them a renowned vidhwans of the future.