News Related Studies (NRS)

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News Related subjects are typically enable the students to enter careers in the media, Television Channels. From television to cinema, radio to podcasts, social media to blogs and vlogs, and everything in between – media studies plays a big part of our every day. And it’s never been so relevant than in the internet age, where News Readers, News Reporters, News Writers and News Editors and personalities can make their own celebrity online using their media skills.

As technology, creativity, and competition increases, these skills become more in demand all over the world. News Related Studies will equip you with the communication and technology skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace, whether in the media industry or not. Whether you choose to pursue a career in television, fight for your own fame, or take your skills into business – you’ll be well equipped for what the modern workplace is looking for.

News Related Studies is more practical than academic, so be prepared to show a portfolio or speak about your experience with the media. When it comes to soft skills, you’ll want to show curiosity, a natural flair with technology, creativity, consistency, patience, and drive. Pursuing a job in the media industry is a competitive process, so a Certificate and Diploma of SAMAS ACADEMY in the field will help you stand out from the crowd. It will equip you with skills ranging from Studio behaviour, News Reading, News Anchoring and ‘ On Live’Programmes, gear you up for a fastmoving industry that requires you to change with the times.

Whether you want to be the brains behind the scenes as a News Writer and News Editor or you want to make a difference as a broadcaster, exploring ur talents on Live, a Certificate and Diploma Courses in News Related Studies of SAMAS ACADEMY will give you a shot at a number of different careers. You can also use your media skills to investigate and analyse the theory of News Reading , helping businesses and organisations predict the outcome of news items and current affairs. By looking at the history of media studies and its place in society and culture, you can help design public health campaigns, or advise on communications for big businesses.