Film Related Studies (FRS)

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The Film Related Studies(FRS) Programme is the nucleus for the study of films. SAMAS ACADEMY-FRS Programme, protracts the traditions of and care for the most ground-breaking directions in Short film making. With our outstanding faculty team and SAMAS ACADEMY’S astonishing archiveal collections, the Programme has taken its place as one of the most exciting venues for Film Related Studies in India especially in Tamilnadu. The main core content of the programme will be under FRS is, Themes, subjects, charecters, social aspects of film making, Actors, Writers and Directors, History of film, Literature, The movie business in India, Animation, Film making and producing, International cinema, Genres, style of movies and Music, Sound in Films.

Film Related studies includes a flighty display of history of Films, digital culture, game studies, popular culture, and the study of the moving image. Because the boundaries of the restraints are continuously argued and because technology is constantly transforming, and the students find it difficult if not impossible to keep up with all the literature in their areas of expertise. Even familiar subjects such as a Regional cinema are becoming less recognizable as new approaches and new research redefine the field. Meanwhile, a massive amount of information whether it is good and terrible, significant and hopeless, now clutters the Internet has occupied the entire space of Cinema.

In SAMAS ACADEMY, we teach the practical methods of Short film making and other related subjects, Film Acting, RJ and VJ (Radio Jockey and Video Jockey), Editing AVID/FCP , Audio Engineering, Cinematography, Photography, EFX, Graphics and Animation, Video Editing –PREMIER PRO, AVID & FCP and Audiography. The Practical Training will be properly driven to students who register for FRS ONLINE PRACTICAL TRAINING in SAMAS ACADEMY.