Management Studies (MS)

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A Certificate and Diploma in Management Studies from SAMAS ACADEMY will give you a strong basement in a number of business topics including HR, Economics, Fonance Studies, and Business and marketing Analytics.You will also gain an knowing of all management theories, and how they are relevant to different Organisations.

If you think you were born to be a leader, there is an excellent opportunity in Management Studies.

F.W. Taylor, says “Management is the art of knowing what to do and seeing that it is done in the best possible manner”. The study of Business Analytics and Marketing Analyst covers all aspects of the business analysis and the decisions that need to be made in each area and at each level to ensure that the business succeeds. Importantly, there are main functions of business management….

Students of business management SAMAS ACADEMY will study all the functions in the management process from decision making, right through to ensuring that it has been done correctly. A good Business Leader will use his skills to steer an Company as a whole in the right direction, working with the organisation strengths, identifying new innovations in the form of opportunities and managing threats that arise along the way.